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Dr. Roger C.Y Chen
Vice president
Dr. Jenq-Renn Chen
Dr. Rong-Fong Fung
Registration & Curriculum Division
Admission Division
Teaching Service Division
Teaching and Learning Center
Division of Student Life and Military Training
Extracurricular Activities Division
Health Division
Student Counseling Division
Job Placement and Alumni Liaison Division
Documentation and Property Management Division
General Services Division
Construction, Maintenance, Campus Environment and Safety  Division
Cashier Division
Academics and Industry-Academy Cooperation Division
Extended Education Training Center
Innovation & Incubation Center
Center for Regional Industry-Academy Cooperation

Office of International Affairs
Academic Exchange Section
Overseas Students Section

Information Service Division
Collections and Management Division
Systems Support and Maintenance Division
Network and Multimedia Division
General Affairs Division
School Affairs Development Division

Personnel Department


Budgeting Division
Accounting & Planning Division