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Research Center



Research and Development Center for Water Resource Conservation

Engage in technology research and policy development regarding the conservation and sustainable exploitation of water resources in Southern Taiwan.
Provide training programs 

Energy Technology Research Center

Ongoing Projects include:
Hydrogen power research, anaerobic hydrogen production study, analysis and intelligence gathering of energy economies, and training programs for energy research personnel

EPA/NKFUST Southem Center for Emergency Response of Toxic Substance

This center is established to provide consultation services of toxic chemicals for companies in Southern Taiwan and, hopefully, to offer effective emergency responses to toxic disasters.

Precision Mold and Die Research & Development Center

This center is one of the fifteen R&D centers in Taiwan being approved by the Ministry of Education in September, 2003

Precision Forging and Forming Process Technology Development Center

Combining academic theories with practical experience of forging, this center aims to provide help for industries to develop advanced technologies of forging process and mold design.

Personal Information Protection Center

The mission of this center is to promote academic researches and application of the protection of personal information, including areas of legal environment, administration system, and information security.

Metal Product Development Technology Center

The mission of this center is to develop technologies for producing metal products and to offer specialized training programs.