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Brief History


1993. 7.

Under the leadership of the former president, Dr. Chia-Hung Ku, a group of scholars overcame many difficulties and established a brand-new, energetic and young campus.

1995. 7.

In response to the demand of talents for nation-building, National Institute of Technology of Kaohsiung bearing a reputation for being an aggregation of talents and its expertise in technology was founded. The campus covers 75 hectares and stretches over Nanzih, Yanchao, and Qiaotou District.

1998. 7.

In accord with our motto, “Dedication, Damaraderie, Excellence, and Innovation”, we have achieved a record of academic excellence. In 1998, we gained the consent of the Ministry of Education and changed our name to National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology (First Tech) which is also the first technological university in southern Taiwan.

2004. 8.

The fourth president was Dr. I-Chang Jou, who was later reappointed the fifth president in August, 2007. Base on his principle of being pragmatic and being useful, Dr. Jou was devoted to Internationalization and Industry-Academy Cooperation during his 5-year term. The school administration stably made advance under his leadership.

2010. 5.

Dr. Roger C. Y. Chen took over as the sixth president. In pursuit of instituting the first “entrepreneurial university” in Taiwan, the president guided the professional administrative and academic team, aggressive teachers and staff, and hard-working students to set up a new milestone of First Tech.