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Roger C.Y Chen


May 2010. ~ now 


           Dr. Roger C. Y. Chen is the third president of First Tech. He earned his doctorate in finance at the University of Texas at Dallas. He has a lot of practical experience and has served as the president of the Higher Education Evaluation & Accreditation Council of Taiwan, the manager of a venture capital company, and the assistant manager of a trust company. He came to First Tech in 1995 to join in the preparatory work for the establishment of the university. He has served successively in posts of both academic and administrative positions including the first Chair of the Department of Finance, the head of the Office of Technology Development and Industry Liaison, the director of the Institute of Business Management, the dean of the College of Management, and vice president of First Tech. He has earned the honor of Outstanding Educator of the Ministry of Education, the Mr. Lu Feng-Zhang Commemorative Medal of the Chinese Management Association, and the Research and Creation Award of the National Science Council.

         Dr. Roger C. Y. Chen took over as the third president of First Tech in May, 2010. In his pursuit of establishing the first “entrepreneurial university” in Taiwan, the president guides the professional administrative and academic team, determined teachers and staff, and hard-working students to set new milestones for First Tech.