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College of Engineering
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1.Graduate Institute of Engineering Science and Technology  (Ph.D. Program)

  • Cultivate high-tech engineers for industry.
  • Promote integrated research projects.
  • Commercialize research results through strategic alliance with industry.

2.Graduate Institute of System Information and Control (M.S. Program)

  • Pursuing the development and application on system intelligence and mechatronic integration technologies to meet the demand of the industry.
  • Education and research with a focus on the system integration of automatic control, mechatronics, computer vision, cybernetics, robotics, virtual reality, embedded system design and factory networking.

3.Department of Construction Engineering

  • Integrate the disciplines of civil engineering and construction engineering.
  • Implement construction management concepts.
  • Use practical teaching methods.

4.Department of Safety, Health and Environmental Engineering

  • Integrate environmental, safety, and hygiene engineering.
  • Develop problem-solving abilities for environmental and safety problems.
  • Balanced development of professional and general skills.

5.Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering

  • Emphasize both machinery design and manufacturing.
  • Integrate the information and automation technologies.
  • Provide ample equipment for research and experiments.

Graduate Institute of Industrial Design (M.S. Program)

  • Cooperate with national priority and the needs of regional industries to develop cultural economics by enhancing product value and strengthening R&D capability. The prospect is to convert aesthetics, humanity and art into industries through design.
  • Stress on the core course based on the integration of technology, humanity and management. The final goal is to cultivate students' capability of product planning, design and development, to become professional leadership who can merge practice and creativity, and have an insight into society needs.

6.Center of Opto-Mechatronic Technology

  • Educate opto-mechatronics technology professionals.
  • Support industry for technology development in opto-mechatronics.

7.Center of Ecological Engineering Technology

  • Foster ecological engineering related professionals.
  • Develop and promote sustainable construction technology.
  • Provide ecological engineering technology information.

8.Industrial and Environmental Hazard Testing Center

  • Foster testing engineering related professionals.
  • Develop and promote material and product testing technology.
  • Provide services of material and product testing.

9.Center of Creative Engineering Design

  • Foster creative engineering design professionals.
  • Develop and support product design technology.

10.Advanced Engineering Construction Research Center

  • Foster construction engineering professionals.
  • Integrate advanced construction engineering technology.
  • Provide construction engineering technical consultantation.