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College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
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1.Graduate Institute of Electro-Optical Engineering (M.S. Program)

  • Focus on techniques of optical information processing and integration of electro-optical engineering.
  • Develop solar energy engineering techniques.
  • Serve as an Electro-Optical Engineering research and information center.

2.Undergraduate Honors Program of Engineering

  • Specially designed for high school graduates, this undergraduate honors program started to enroll students in 2007.
  • Allow students one extra year to familiarize themselves with the requirements of different departments before they choose their fields of specialty on Mechanical and Automation Engineering, Computer and Communication Engineering, or Electronic Engineering.

3.Department of Computer and Communication Engineering

  • Integrate and apply computer and communication technologies.
  • Focus on practical computer and communication curriculum.
  • Develop professional skills and general knowledge in balance.

4.Department of Electronic Engineering

  • Develop design skills in electronics, integrated circuit and green energy systems.
  • Integrate electronic theory with experiments, projects, and professional license to promote the design level.
  • Care both of the theories and applications of electronic, research for paper and physical demonstration.

5.Post Baccalaureate Bachelor Degree Program of Digital Content Programming

  • Train digital content industry professionals.
  • Enable students to engage in one of the following content products and services programming work: digital games, multimedia animation, e-learning, mobile content, digital publishing and collections, digital marketing and website development.

6.Center of System Measurement Technology

  • Focus on the analysis, design and performance measurement of telecommunication, multimedia information, opto-electronic systems, and related integrated circuits, and establish the database for related technical data.
  • Assist with the cultivation and training of high-tech professionals, and promote related certification programs.

7.Photovoltaics Technology Research and Development Center

  • Deal with the research and development on solar-energy and photo-voltaic technologies, such as high-efficiency PV power systems, cost-effective PV modules, grid-tied micro-inverters, high efficiency and high power-density switch-mode power supply, PV-wind generation systems, battery management systems, light emitting diodes (LED), energy-saving lighting systems and the applications of green energy for everyday use.
  • Integrate the resources in the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and cultivate professionals in photovoltaics technology, enhance technical exchanges and collaboration with the industry.

8.Center of System The Development Center for Service Design Enabled by Information and Communication Technology

  • Explore R&D of information and communication technology.
  • Integrate teaching resources, training information and communications personnel to cooperate with the industry.
  • Help companies to enhance their competitiveness through diagnostic and counseling services.