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College of Management
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1.Graduate Institute of Management (Ph.D. Program)

  • The informatics section covers logistics, information and marketing disciplines.
  • Cultivate high-level managers with forward-looking and integrative abilities

2.Graduate Institute of Business Management (M.B.A. Program)

  • Cultivating inventive-talents with industry analysis skills to be the best strategic business-practice partners of university, government and industry liaison system.
  • Research areas focus on three major fields: Innovation development, venture entrepreneurships, and industry analysis. The related training knowledge will include venture capital management, merger & acquisition management, project management, enterprise intellectual property management, industry analysis, and international joint venture and technology transfer knowledge etc.

3.Graduate Institute of Science and Technology Law (M.T.L. Program)

  • Cultivate specialists of law trained to particularly handle legal issues related to the development of high-tech industry and enroll students with both legal and non-legal backgrounds
  • Focus on information & communication law and bio-technological law, and train our students to become chief officers of either intellectual property department or legal department of a high-tech enterprise.

4.Department of Logistics Management.

  • Maximize the synergism of transportation and warehousing.
  • Stimulate all-round teaching and learning.
  • Promote leadership in the field of logistics and distribution.

5.Department of Information Management

  • Cultivate talent in information management.
  • Provide an advanced learning environment.

Graduate Institute of E-Business( M.B.A. Program)

  • Provide e-solution to the small and medium enterprises through industry-academia.
  • Target at e-business for small and medium enterprises, SCM, ERP, CRM system analysis and project management ,e-business operation model ,e-business innovative service and entrepreneurship.

6.Department of Marketing and Distribution Management

  • Focus on distribution management and marketing planning by implementing sandwich teaching.
  • Establish academic cooperation with foreign institutes to expand students' international horizons.

7.International Master of Business Administration (I.M.B.A. Program)

  • IIntegrate disciplines of International Marketing, International Finance, International Finance Management, Information Management and International Risk Management.
  • Work with industry to develop the issues of management in industries such as marine freight, air freight, warehousing, finance and insurance.

8.Management Teaching and Research Center

  • Coordinate and integrate teaching and research resources in the College of Management.
  • Promote cross-field research, particularly in the three main areas of Information Management, Marketing and Logistics.

9.Research Center for Supply Chain Collaboration

  • Optimize planning and control of the business process, logistics, information flow, cash flow and human resources of a company, and promote the synergy of marketing and distribution.
  • Provide both academia and industry with a platform to exchange ideas, experience and knowledge.

10.Electronic Business Research Center

  • Focus on the teaching and development of E-commerce and Information Technology related techniques.
  • Handle all electronic business related projects between the college and industry, as well as use innovative and practical teaching methods.

11.Intelligent Store Research Center

  • Serve as a vehicle to familiarize students with the interaction between retailing systems, customers, employees and suppliers, and to demonstrate some of the advantages of employing information technology in stores.
  • Assist in software development and system implementation through active teaching, discussion and cooperation with industry.