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College of Finance and Banking
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1.Graduate Institute of Finance and Banking (Ph.D. Program)

  • Focus on three main areas: financial engineering, financial management and insurance actuary.
  • Provide excellent training in financial analysis and risk management.

2.Department of Money and Banking

  • Integration- Consistent convergence of technical and vocational systems.
  • Internationalization- Courses focused on internationalization.
  • Practice - Teaching focuses on job markets.
  • Connect with practice..
  • Cultivate international competitiveness- students in college and graduate school are encouraged to gain licenses.

Graduate Institute of Financial Planning (M. S. Program)

  • Provide excellent training in international financial management and assist the financial sector in designing banking, financial, real estate products and insurance packages.
  • Set up accreditation-related courses and a professional certificate and examination question bank.

3.Department of Risk Management and Insurance

  • Integrate risk management and insurance.
  • Emphasize practical term projects.
  • Promote technical exchange with industry.

4.Department of Finance

  • Cultivate talent in finance and accounting.
  • Integrate theory with practice.

5.Department of Accounting and Information Systems

  • Develop students' ability in accounting, finance and information management.
  • Design a curriculum accommodating licensing systems to facilitate students' attaining for professional licenses and improving their competitive capacity.
  • Build an academia-industry platform with companies and the accounting service industry, and thus to offer internships for students.