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College of Foreign Languages
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1. Department of English (M.A. Program, Applied Linguistics and TESOL)

  • Prepare students for the great diversity of the job market through the "three-in-one" curriculum design—applied linguistics & TESOL, interpretation & translation, and culture & literature; foreign languages, business management, and e-commerce are equally integrated within the curriculum of College of Foreign Languages.
  • Provide e-learning resources and multi-media materials
  • Provide courses, together with internships and service training, for students to elevate competitiveness in seeking employment

M.A. Program, Applied Linguistics/TESOL

  • Train professionals with researching and language teaching abilities
  • Prepare students for challenges in high-tech multi-media teaching
  • Pursue excellence through research in applied linguistics and TESOL
  • Create a win-win situation for both academia in applied linguistics/TESOL and the language-teaching industry

Graduate Institute of Interpretation and Translation (M.A. Program, Interpretation and Translation)

  • Provide diversified courses in visual, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation and translation studies, translation and editing in the media, and machine-assisted translation
  • Cultivate students with versatile professional skills in translation and interpretation
  • Offer outstanding faculty and well-resourced facilities
  • Create a win-win situation for both academia in interpretation and translation and related industry

2.Department of Japanese

  • Cultivate Japanese-language professionals.
  • Employ diversified situation-based teaching methods.
  • Promote international academic and cultural exchanges.

3.Department of German

  • Cultivate German-language professionals.
  • Offer state-of-the-art language-teaching facilities.
  • Hold German cultural activities annually.