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Center for Language Education
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  The Center for Language Education (CLE), established in August 2011, aims to facilitate the pedagogy of language learning, to develop the foreign language proficiency of local and international students campus wide, and to help build the self-confidence and competitiveness of learners in light of globalization. The Center focuses on three domains: Foreign Languages, Mandarin Chinese, and Language Pedagogy Research and Development, each with its distinct goals and scope.

  In the Foreign Languages Section, the main tracks are English, Japanese, and German, of which undergraduate students have to choose one as an international language. Students of the four-year program must complete a minimum of 12 credits, and students of the upper two-year program a minimum of 6 credits to fulfill graduation requirements. Yet students who major in any of the three languages have to select one of the remaining two options as their second foreign language.

  The Mandarin Chinese Section offers two curricula to meet the increasing demand, for Mandarin Chinese has been considered one of the critical need languages by several countries in the world. For international students, basic Mandarin Chinese courses which prepare them for scholastic success in both Taiwan and their home countries include: (1) Beginning Chinese I & II (focusing on speaking and listening); (2) Conversational Chinese I & II (accelerated courses); (3) Reading and Writing I & II. For Mandarin Chinese language teachers, there are: (1) elective courses for professional certification by the Ministry of Education or by institutions in foreign countries; and (2) activities such as seminars, workshops, and exchange programs for professional advancement.

  Furthermore, to enhance the quality of language education, the Center will conduct in due course research and development on the following three aspects of pedagogy: (1) online digital instructional materials and technologies, (2) conventional instructional materials and technologies; and (3) language testing and assessment.

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