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Research & Development

1. From 2011 to 2012, First Tech participated in the U-Start Program, the entrepreneurial service program for graduates sponsored by the Ministry of Education, receiving a NT$ 2.5 million entrepreneurial grant.

2. In cooperation with Tien Heng Machinery Co., the Department of Electronic Engineering researched  and developed the Double-Input Grid-Connected Power Converter for Wind Power and Solar Power Energy, and received a grant of NT$ 1.89 million from the Ministry of Education’s 2012 Program for Promoting Industry-Academy Cooperation.

3. The third place in 2008 Microcomputer Application System Design Competition organized by the Ministry of Education, winning entry of a stair cleaning robot by the Institute of System Information and Control.

4. The Institute of System Information and Control won the second prize in 2011 Cross Straits and Macao Robot Symposium and Robotic Technology Competition.

5. Best  technological university with the highest number of undergraduates doing research projects, approved by the National Science Council from 2007 to 2009.

6. Invention of The First Generation Energy-Saving Hydrogen-Powered Hybrid Vehicle designed by the Department of Electronic Engineering produces less pollution, reduces carbon emission, and saves energy.