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Announcement of Admission for International Degree Students, First Tech, Spring Semester, 2017


Announcement of Admission for International Degree Students, First Tech, Spring Semester, 2017

1.  本公告結果與書面通知書如有不符,以通知書為準。

2.  錄取生須於2017115日前以本公告之申請序號個人護照號碼完成線上報到系統,學校才會寄發正式入學通知書。為利於及早寄發入學通知書辦理簽證,請儘早完成線上報到,以免耽誤辦理簽證時程。

3.  申請資料正本(包括最高學歷驗證、成績單驗證及財力證明書驗證)尚未繳交者,請於2017115日前以親持或郵寄方式繳交至本校國際事務處,未繳齊者,將註銷入學資格

4.  未在期限內完成線上報到系統,視同放棄入學資格。

5.  新生請詳閱本校獎學金相關規定及學雜學分費收費標準,若有任何問題,請洽本校國際處

1.  If any discrepancy exists between this Admission Announcement and the Official Admission Notice, the Admission Notice prevails.

2.  All applicants admitted are required to register on the On-line Registration System by using the apply number(as listed below) and personal passport number before Jan. 15th 2017. Official Admission Notice will be issued and sent by post after on-line registration is completed. Please complete the on-line registration as soon as possible to prevent any delay in applying for the “Resident Visa”.

3.  Those who have NOT submitted the original documents (including the certificates of the highest education record and transcript certified by a local R.O.C. embassy, a local R.O.C. overseas office, or a R.O.C. representative office, and a financial statement issued by a bank verified by the R.O.C. representative office abroad) shall submit the documents to the Office of International Affairs of First Tech in person or via post by Jan. 15th, 2017. The admission qualification will be REVOKED if he/she does NOT submit the documents on time.

4.  Those who fail to complete the on-line registration by Jan. 15th, 2017 will be considered to renounce their qualification for enrollment.

5.  Please read through the University Regulations regarding scholarship and Tuition Fee table. If you have any questions, please contact Office of International Affairs.


Contact person: Ms. Eva Chiu

Tel: +886-7-6011000 ext.1622

Address: National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology 
No.1, University Rd., Yanchao Dist., Kaohsiung City 824, Taiwan (R.O.C.)